Greg Edwards

Rookie (may 14 1993 / Fluvanna County VA)

Biography of Greg Edwards

i live in a rather quiet county town/area. If your up on your mascots ours is the Fluco... gay but kinda unique. i run cross country and indoor/outdoor track. my main event is the mile and the 4x800. I'm by definition a metal head but i don't really believe in defining people... I'm a bit of a hypocrite (who isn't?) and I'm not very religious. i believe in God but... yea, the bible and i don't really agree. i try not to let religion effect my writing as it tends to pollute the meanings. As far as why i write, i write to get my points across to the people that i don't or won't talk to. If you hadn't noticed i am rather emotionally challenged and in normal life i don't act with my emotions. i don't deal well with matters of the heart. My writing attempts to deal with it but it doesn't seem to do what it is intended to. it scares more people than it pleases.

Greg Edwards's Works:

None though i have around 400 or so poems... yea i have no life, i know Updates

Greatest Triumph

I wish it were simple to tell
Truth from the lies, and Heaven from Hell
If good weren't gone, and evil not here
Then i would have nothing, and nothing to fear
Everywhere you turn, there's no going back
Everything burns, and alls shrouded in black
I took what i wanted, and destroyed what was left
And there was nothing living, to take a second breath
No more blood, will run the streets

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