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A Love All Inclusive

I've been given a gift,
It is a gift so grand.
It is a gift so great,
It will not fit in my hand.
It's meant to be shared
For as long as I live.
It is from the Lord,
It's a love all inclusive.

It has a special name,
It is LTTL.
It's for him and her
And for you as well.
Hate has no chance,
It just cannot live
With this powerful force,
This love all inclusive.

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'My Favorite Composer'

You are my favorite composer,
The music you create in my heart makes me swoon.
Your music intensifies as you get closer.
Its crescendos make me jump over the moon.

Yes, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and others' music is great,
Their music sends one on an inspirational journey.
Yet the greatest of their works fails to rate
As high on my chart as yours, as far as I see.