Greg Oosterhouse

Rookie (02-20-1976 / Grand Rapids, MI)

Greg Oosterhouse Poems

161. The Jonathan Spirit 10/23/2006
162. The Joseph Spirit 10/23/2006
163. The Mary Spirit 10/23/2006
164. The Adam And Eve Spirit 10/23/2006
165. The Jesus Spirit 10/23/2006
166. God Is Chomping At The Bit 10/23/2006
167. I Wasn'T Talking To You! 10/23/2006
168. Take Your Seat, Rosa 10/23/2006
169. The Most Loyal Friend 10/23/2006
170. The Soapbox Preacher's Pledge 10/23/2006
171. Welcome To My Vase 10/23/2006
172. How To Make Love 10/23/2006
173. The Soapbox Preacher Attacketh! 10/23/2006
174. Like A Freight Train Coming 10/23/2006
175. What Good Does It Do? 10/23/2006
176. Take His Hand 10/24/2006
177. I'M Only Human 10/30/2006
178. Rubai # 127 4/16/2007
179. Happy Birthday, Friend 5/10/2007
180. Rubai #130 6/13/2007
181. Rubai #131 6/13/2007
182. Rubai # 133 8/29/2007
183. Rubai # 134 9/4/2007
184. You Love Me! 12/5/2007
185. Thank You Lord 10/24/2006
186. 'Jessica's Eyes' 10/26/2007
187. 'The Lord Will Grant You Grace' 10/26/2007
188. Friend Of The Friendless 10/26/2006
189. Wait And See 10/23/2006
190. I Know How God Feels 10/23/2006
191. 'I Look To The Cross' 7/20/2006
192. 'Another Year Older' 12/14/2006
193. 'As We March On To Glory' 3/7/2009
194. 'I Saw Light' 3/7/2007
195. Jesus Vs. Santa 10/23/2006
196. The Scapegoat 10/23/2006
197. 'Your Presence Is Gift Enough' 2/13/2007
198. 'Even Though You'Re Not Here, You'Re Here' 9/14/2007

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Best Poem of Greg Oosterhouse

'Even Though You'Re Not Here, You'Re Here'

Even though you're not here, you're here.
You are the smile on my face.
Even though you're far away, you are oh, so near.
I'm surrounded by reflections of your grace.

You fill every space of my heart,
It keeps beat to your melodious tune.
Your picture in my mind is a great piece of art.
Each time I view it all I can do is swoon.

Your touch makes me shiver and shake
Even though on its mem'ry I depend.
The breeze on my bod makes me do a double take,
For it reminds me of the touch of my friend.

My eyes jumped for joy when you appeared.
My jaw ...

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'My Favorite Composer'

You are my favorite composer,
The music you create in my heart makes me swoon.
Your music intensifies as you get closer.
Its crescendos make me jump over the moon.

Yes, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and others' music is great,
Their music sends one on an inspirational journey.
Yet the greatest of their works fails to rate
As high on my chart as yours, as far as I see.

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