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1. Half Empty 2/10/2008
2. Groupie 2/10/2008
3. Flow In 2/10/2008
4. First 2/10/2008
5. A Comment To Your Extemporaneous Speech 2/10/2008
6. Ex-List 2/10/2008
7. Destiny 2/10/2008
8. Chime 2/10/2008
9. Believe 2/10/2008
10. Au Revoir 2/10/2008
11. Act 2/10/2008
12. Acceptance 2/10/2008
13. Guardian Angel 3/23/2008
14. I Thought 3/23/2008
15. Just Another Day 3/23/2008
16. Little Justin 3/23/2008
17. Lonely Miracle 3/23/2008
18. Insanity 3/23/2008
19. Love Letter 3/23/2008
20. Long Lost Ty, A 3/23/2008
21. I'M A Daydreamer, This Is My Dream 3/23/2008
22. Deodorant 2/10/2008
23. Invisible Tool 3/23/2008

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Invisible Tool

I love my invisible tool,
It shapeshifts into many forms and its damn cool,
It follows me everywhere i go,
if anyone asks a trade for it, i'll say 'no, '

I am lucky i used it in the graduation mass,
And hell yes, it saved my ass.
My invisible tool is so damn invisible,
it is no doubt the most invincible!

I believe everyone has their own invisible tool,
and each of us can only feel our own tool,
As for me, my invisible tool is my cour,
I am so happy i wanted to buy a whore!

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You was my angel's resemblance,
the disquiet turned to consolance.
You rectified my soul's contentment,
as the vent seized my temperament.

Now you touch me gently as i pray,
In the hindmost a couple we portray.
The sweet marvel captivates
in a ricochet that reiterates.

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