Gregory Beland Jr.

Rookie (01/17/89 / Virginia)

Biography of Gregory Beland Jr.

I be chillin', livin' life, feelin' just like the villain. Coke n' money hiddin' stashed sittin' in the ceilin'. - I'm just kiddin'. I'm really a hippie if anything. I'm laid back to the point that even the most major stress situations for other people won't even phase me. Think there might be something wrong with me? But anyways, I digress. I write poems to get the every daily life b.s. off of my chest. I haven't written in a long while. I'm mostly inspired by the dark nearly 'emo' styling. Can't write when I'm happy or chipper. Has to be those sad moments. That's when I shine the most, only in the darkest of mess. But still, I don't stress.

Gregory Beland Jr.'s Works:

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Sometimes I think..

This life, I was givin'. Why?
Better off, I think I'd rather die.

Why awake, and fake this smile?
I'd rather sleep, and dream a while.

These dreams are better, than reality.

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