Gregory Crockatt

Rookie (October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Gregory Crockatt Poems

41. Organic 3/27/2007
42. Magic Teardropp Shroomness 3/27/2007
43. Inquisitive 3/27/2007
44. Naturally Developing Harmony 3/27/2007
45. Lessons In Memory 3/27/2007
46. Unknown Eyes 3/27/2007
47. Self Sandwich 3/27/2007
48. We Are A.. 3/29/2007
49. Be All I Am 3/26/2007
50. Indeterminate Subject 3/27/2007
51. All The Four Got Ten Words 1/31/2009
52. Aleph Bet I Call 1/28/2008
53. Harpy 3/26/2007
54. Mother Moon 3/26/2007

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Mother Moon

there i go quietly walking through the night
the air is crisp and a cool wind blows
i pull my parka tight around my shoulders
for although it is spring, winter does linger

the path i follow leads i know not where
though no matter what my destination
high up above me in the dark night sky
a maternal orb of silver light watches solemnly

all the luminescense which guides me is from her
and her child like companions the stars
her children seem to be on a long strenuous journey
for sometimes a few do fall, from the strain

i stop at a small sparsely ...

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there is a stolid misunderstanding
about this unfortunate unusual creature
a throw back given the road to insanity
shunned, cast out by societal standards

her raven black wings are oddly mishapen
feathers cover her from the neck down
a sorrowful scream seems to suit her demeanor
she throws it into the night with vengance

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