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First of all, please don’t be tempted to feel sorry for me or feel any pity. Most importantly please find interest in my book for it’s content, not my situation.
My name is Gregory Hughes, and I was born with many blessings. My mother used to tell me this, but as I mentioned in one of my stories, I looked at her like a deer looking at the headlights of a car. I had no idea what she meant. I was always too busy reminding myself of what I wanted, or what I didn’t have. I was blind to what GOD had already given me. What He had given me was mine alone, and it was mine forever.
The unfortunate part is that it took half of my life to discover this truth, HIS Truth. I put myself through a lot of drama, and hardship that I needn’t have gone through. I am thankful, however, for those trials and tests, because they, and The LORD, brought me to where I am today.
I found out that I have terminal Prostate Cancer. When I found out, I was completely overwhelmed, but I had received Jesus Christ and I knew the LORD had not brought me this far to let me die without being of some service to him.
I found that service in creating poetry of praise to HIM. I found that sharing this poetry, was the greatest complement I could pay to the ONE who had always been with me. Even when I had taken a road far from HIM, HE was watching me like any parent who loves their child. I know there were times I made HIM sad but HE knew what HE had planned for me, and what I had to go through to get there. I know that now I can make HIM happy, by sharing HIS name and glory with everyone I possibly can through my poetry and short stories.
I have found that focusing on GOD, has helped me see others and their situations. I have realized that, while I may not be doing some of the things I used to think were important, I would not trade what I have found inside me for any of it. To give up the closeness of the relationship that I have with the LORD, through JESUS CHRIST, would make no sense at all.
So please do not feel sorry for me or yourself for that matter. I AM BLESSED. I AM LOVED by GOD and SO ARE YOU.

Gregory Hughes's Works:

Simply Inspirational, Simply Inspirational a book of Poetry, Parables and Thoughts for our Hearts and Souls. Updates

Alone In The Darkness


Why does darkness seem to come,
Just when things start to look bright?
Why does trouble begin to form,
When we just start to see the light?

Is it a trial of our souls and faith,
Or just a test of our belief?

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