Gregory Huyette

Biography of Gregory Huyette

I have been writing poetry since grade school. They come to me as inspirations at any time or place. I usually record them in 30 minutes or less and very few changes are made. I often have to read them myself after I have composed them to understand their significance and message.
I never sit down 'to write a poem.' The subjects are random and I never start a poem with a particular message in mind. I sincerely feel that I am a messenger and am honored and humbled to have received this priceless gift.

Gregory Huyette's Works:

The Greener Grass From The Other Side, A Poetic Path To Love And Happiness (Hard Cover) $25 Delivered via espress mail Contact
The Mouse and the Grouse (Children's Book in Hard Cover) about kindness & love $15 Delivered via express mail Contact Updates

What I Don'T Have

What I don’t have concerns me a lot.
I strive for it every day.
What I do have concerns me not.
In fact, it seems in my way.

I crave things I missed when young
Like money, houses and cars.
I always felt I was among
Those missing their shooting stars.

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