Gregory Huyette

Biography of Gregory Huyette

I have been writing poetry since grade school. They come to me as inspirations at any time or place. I usually record them in 30 minutes or less and very few changes are made. I often have to read them myself after I have composed them to understand their significance and message.
I never sit down 'to write a poem.' The subjects are random and I never start a poem with a particular message in mind. I sincerely feel that I am a messenger and am honored and humbled to have received this priceless gift.

Gregory Huyette's Works:

The Greener Grass From The Other Side, A Poetic Path To Love And Happiness (Hard Cover) $25 Delivered via espress mail Contact
The Mouse and the Grouse (Children's Book in Hard Cover) about kindness & love $15 Delivered via express mail Contact Updates

Gift Of Failure

To travel a road and never fail
Is to follow a lesser trail.
The real path is narrow and steep
With jagged rock and fissure deep.
Passage gained is passage earned,
Bought with failure and now learned.

But to fail and not learn
Or fail with no concern

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