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Guadalupe martinez Poems

1. I Wish 12/8/2008
2. Dont Brake My Heart 1/27/2009
3. Im So Tired.. 3/11/2009
4. The Sky Is Crying On Me 3/11/2009
5. Is Happening Again 3/11/2009
6. I Can Feel It 3/11/2009
7. What Holds You Back 3/11/2009
8. Im Scared 3/11/2009
9. You Are A Lie... 3/11/2009
10. Move On 3/11/2009
11. Leave Me Alone 3/11/2009
12. Im Drawning 3/11/2009
13. I Want To Trust You 5/6/2009
14. Enough Of You! 5/6/2009
15. While You Were Sick 5/6/2009
16. T.P. 9/3/2009
17. To Late 9/8/2009
18. Dark Poets 9/8/2009
19. The Sun Will Rise Again 9/8/2009
20. I Try To Pull Out 9/8/2009
21. If I Have You By Myside 9/8/2009
22. I Have Fail 9/8/2009
23. I'M Frozen 9/8/2009
24. Doesnt Matter 9/15/2009
25. Let Go 9/22/2009
26. I Rather Die 9/22/2009
27. I Still Standing 9/22/2009
28. Love Is A Lie 9/22/2009
29. Who Doesnt Make Mistakes? 10/1/2009
30. It Taste Like Pain 10/1/2009
31. Broken But Still Standing 10/5/2009
32. Black Tears Fall When Midnight Starts 11/3/2009
33. I Cant Handle It 12/3/2009
34. Love Is Hell 12/14/2009
35. You Are Just A Fake 12/14/2009
36. Nothing Left For You 11/17/2008
37. ..So Close...But Yet So Far 11/17/2008
38. Lost In Thoughts 11/19/2008
39. Pain 11/19/2008
40. I Will Come Back/ Afraid 3/22/2010

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Angel Of Darkness

I will never forget the pain
you broke my heart and step on it like if it was nothing
I used to smile to life
used to believed in love
you made this out of me
Angel of Darkness
Cryin in my dark room
everything was darkness
pain didn't want to go away
I felt pain, but I couldn't hate you
despiced my self for lovig you the much
Angel Of Darkness
Angel of pain
Angel of madness
You are just one more peace of my heart
Angel of darkness
take me at your side
take my heart from me not to love ever again
despiced the taste of pain ...

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Nothing Left For You

you come close to me
you know i used to like you
you know i did cry when you choose her and not me...
so long ago but now
you come close and you think
your pressence make me nerves
shy or afraid...
look at my face and then into my eyes,
what did you see? ?

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