Guccie EeeTee

Biography of Guccie EeeTee

Secret Love Biography

We techincally can't say that our clans disapprove of our secret passion, because not a soul knows. We live in a land between 'Happily ever after' and 'Happily ever before'.

Feeling nothing was missing from our lives, we never planned to fall in love. We just grew into it.
We continue to enjoy the ride of pleasure, pain, and guilt.

We are still waiting for a love meter to be invented, as a consequence we have not determined who is more in love, and regularly argue about it.

Hope readers enjoy our love story, it is here to share with you, because we cannot live together but cannot be apart...

Gucci & Eee Tee

A little note: Eee Tee the wise, once called Guccie from the airport. ' don't worry my little girl, this thing will fade away ' he said. Three years later he was proven unwise Updates

When I Close My Eyes

When I close
My eyes at night
I hear you moan
In pleasure

When I close
My eyes at night
I feel your hands
Upon me everywhere

When I close
My eyes at night
I see us together
In all ways possible

I see us clearly
My eyes shut tight
I don't want
To wake up

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