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I'm 19 year old passionate of poems born in Algiers two years off college studies.
started writing poems since i was 6 years old with the poem 'School Is Cool' which i have online for you to read
My family always said that i was talented with poems so i started being interested in the subject. I love reading poems especially Roald Dahl, Pablo Neruda, and many others but these two are my Idols.
Been about a year since i started writing poems, it was for the music song of the month (Every month we come and sing a song) so i was writing my own songs and singing them they were funny indeed. Since then i stopped writing until about 3-4 months when i started writing poems in this beautiful site where i find my self in a family of poets and authors who help me in my mistakes and give me tips to achieve my dream.
My dream in life is to discover something new in physics but i have another dream of being a well-known poet.
Hope you like my poems below
Guess Who Updates

Children's Rights

This is a letter to the rich mainly
Talking about the problems we suffer daily
When i say rich i don't mean the wealthy
Who i really mean are the people who have the capacity
Of supporting us and spending money fluently

These are the people we are aiming
These are the people in which we are believing
So don't abandon us and be so disappointing

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