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Guess Who Poems

41. Sorry For A Bird 6/21/2014
42. Who Am I? 1/2/2016
43. I Have A Name 1/2/2016
44. Games Of Love 10/6/2014
45. Inspired By Nature's Wisdom 4/5/2014
46. Her Smile Was Quick, Her Anger As Slow 1/29/2014
47. Change The World 12/17/2013
48. Alone In The Plain 11/18/2013
49. 'Just Get Over It, ' They Say 3/15/2013
50. Who Are You? 10/2/2012
51. Happy Birthday Friend 5/30/2012
52. Why Do I Write Poetry 6/21/2014
53. When Her Feelings Changed 4/5/2014
54. Seeking Answers 12/17/2013
55. Special Person 6/21/2014
56. Set Fire To My Heart 10/6/2014
57. Found You Sitting Alone 12/3/2013
58. I Should Be Happy, Why Am I Not So? 3/15/2013
59. Awful Truth 6/25/2013
60. Build A Life 8/11/2013
61. Hurting Love 7/12/2012
62. Advice For A Better Tomorrow 4/19/2014
63. Don'T Want To Hear A Word About Love 4/12/2012
64. My Reply To Your Message....≪3 4/6/2012
65. Tell Me The Truth 3/21/2012
66. Need Some Privacy! ! 10/23/2012
67. When You Sat By My Side 3/17/2012
68. Seconds From Disaster: The Earthquake 1/9/2013
69. Waiting For Love 6/19/2012
70. Why Did You Leave Me? 5/30/2012
71. School Is Cool 2/17/2012
72. Love Gone What Should I Do? 6/9/2012
73. At The Beach Recalling Love 6/21/2012
74. Make A Move Before I Make Mine 2/7/2013
75. Equations: Friend Or Enemy 9/15/2014
76. Bird Finally Flies And Leaves Me Behind 9/9/2013
77. I Wanna Be Left Alone 6/14/2012
78. Alone In The Woods 2/17/2012
79. My Love Story 1 4/20/2012
80. My Long Awaited Love 3/30/2012
Best Poem of Guess Who

Children's Rights

This is a letter to the rich mainly
Talking about the problems we suffer daily
When i say rich i don't mean the wealthy
Who i really mean are the people who have the capacity
Of supporting us and spending money fluently

These are the people we are aiming
These are the people in which we are believing
So don't abandon us and be so disappointing
In you we trust, in you we have faith, for you we give everything
So don't abandon us and be so disappointing

As you know half of us are abandoned
Most of us maltreated
Dying from hunger, thirst or even ...

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Miss You So Much

Why do you always hide from me
you know i always wait for you
oooh how i wish if we go along
because its to you i belong
so come on sit on my side
appear and never hide
ooo since you died
didnt find a peson with your pride
i always tried

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