Guinevere Eveleigh

Biography of Guinevere Eveleigh

I'am a young girl of an odd nature living in a humdrum county in Scotland wishing to escape to somewhere more dazzling and rich of culture and history as where i live, the only thing that sparks any interest in the people is oil and granite. I have two sisters and a wonderful mum and two cats, one kitten and a dog. i still don't have a basic idea of what i want to do in life but i'm sure the answer will come one day. Updates

The Beauty Of Death

Death moves me to the tears of life
What a release
What a splendid journey
Whether it is a breath of fresh air
Or a kidnapping that steals us away from the ones we love
But once again
What a breeze that rekindles us into a new life and a forever peaceful slumber
Whether we are young, halfway or wanting it to happen or near the brink
Death is not a curse but a gift to life.

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