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A Weed And The Roses

Have you ever seen a weed amongst the roses?
Striving and struggling to block out the sun from their precious petals
It is a pitiful sight of desperation of not greed or vanity
But seeking to be loved and admired by many
But instead you rip out its roots
So that it does not drain out the life in the beauty standing gracefully like swans by the side of where it grew
You chuck it into the bins and your compost heap leaving it rot into sweaty slime amongst the murdered and other outcasts
It head droops with a melancholy mood as it jealously and loneliness is the only ...

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The Angel

I hear an angel calling my name
She does not pester she does not ache
She simply says to soothe my passing
Say my name say my name
Make this pain numbness in my bones and break away the rusty chains that bound me to earth like a dog outside in the rainfall
It is cold and heartless out here
My murderer continues to dive in his pleasure
But I cannot feel anything that he has already destroyed
How can I cry for something that is now a part of me

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