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Gulliver Gimble Poems

81. You Do Not Know Me Anymore 1/27/2008
82. Life Is.............. 1/30/2008
83. Buzzin' Fly 2/6/2008
84. Moving On 2/6/2008
85. The Parlor Room 2/8/2008
86. Hello Caroline 9/26/2005
87. War For Man 9/27/2005
88. Five Minutes Before Morning 11/29/2005
89. Vasila 11/30/2005
90. Bubbles 11/30/2005
91. Valentines Day-Why I Love You 2/14/2008
92. Wait A Minute 12/11/2008
93. What I Missed In 2008? 2/9/2009
94. Trouble 2/9/2009
95. If I Had Known 5/2/2010
96. The Singer Of Sad Songs 6/16/2006
97. Shut Up Beavis! 9/10/2006
98. Change 12/14/2006
99. I Ran Straight For Home 5/3/2007
100. Jacob's Dream 12/11/2008
101. Silent Whispers Upon The Night 2/13/2008
102. Two Old Men Shared A Wooden Bench 4/25/2007
103. David Bowie's *changes* 3/9/2008
104. Rust 1/10/2006
105. A Place In Heaven For All New Dogs 12/10/2007
106. Wagon Wheel 12/11/2008
107. The Old Broken Limb 9/26/2005
108. A Dogs Dream 12/1/2005
109. A Self Centered Egotistical Mind 11/10/2008
110. Autumn's Song 9/27/2005
111. Autumn's Leaves 10/17/2007
112. Two Ships Passing In The Night 5/12/2006

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Two Ships Passing In The Night

I have seen this wooden mast before.
Flowing blue sails on silent winds.
You are not welcome here anymore.
Once you were my only friend.

There is no place for you to dock.
You bring angry seas and salty veins.
Solid anchors like solid rocks.
Wilted growth on harvest grains.

You come silently and without cause.
Knowing that you come for me.
Out of the mist you start to pause.
You know I am no longer free.

The storms rage and swell the boards.
Barnacles are never loosely cleaned.
Until this ship reaches its shores.
You will never let me ...

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She Waits (A Song)

She waits for summer rain, on a winters day.
She waits for someone better, someone better who stays.......
All the way.

Count the endless days, that pass you by.
Count the heartbeats pounding, pounding as she cries.........
All the lie's.

Remember all the reasons, the reasons why.

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