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Gulliver Gimble Poems

81. Jacob's Dream 12/11/2008
82. Two Old Men Shared A Wooden Bench 4/25/2007
83. David Bowie's *changes* 3/9/2008
84. Rust 1/10/2006
85. Wagon Wheel 12/11/2008
86. The Old Broken Limb 9/26/2005
87. Hello Caroline 9/26/2005
88. Five Minutes Before Morning 11/29/2005
89. Tim Buckley 9/25/2005
90. My Younger Days/ Part Ii 2/10/2006
91. Under The Tree 2/14/2006
92. If I Was 9/22/2005
93. She Was Looking For Something 9/22/2005
94. Thank You Roy 3/24/2006
95. Stronger, Faster, Younger 4/26/2006
96. Happiness Hides 1/6/2008
97. Raindrops 1/16/2008
98. When Two Hearts Collide 3/2/2007
99. And It Was Over...... 12/29/2006
100. And She Will Come 12/19/2006
101. A Self Centered Egotistical Mind 11/10/2008
102. My Younger Days 2/10/2006
103. A Place In Heaven For All New Dogs 12/10/2007
104. Valentines Day-Why I Love You 2/14/2008
105. I Stand 2/23/2006
106. Remind Me 3/23/2006
107. Autumn's Leaves 10/17/2007
108. No Whisper, No Sound. 10/11/2006
109. Silent Whispers Upon The Night 2/13/2008
110. A Dogs Dream 12/1/2005
111. Two Ships Passing In The Night 5/12/2006
112. Autumn's Song 9/27/2005

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Autumn's Song

A change of season is drawing near.
Scented hay perfumes the air.
Green grass slowly turns to brown.
Fallen leaf's canvas the ground.

Sly old blackbirds have made a return.
Bluebirds fly south for tropical fun.
Warm summer skies now turn grey.
Long casting shadows dance and play.

A chill decends from some other place.
Chapped lips on a shivering face.
Unpack your coat and longer wear.
Find those gloves and make a pair.

Take a slow walk and breathe it all in.
Walk with a loved one or maybe a friend.
It's here for a bit and it won't stay ...

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Thank You Roy

Classic shades cover your eyes.
So black you cannot see through them.
A very lonesome vibrato your voice sings.
Like a single wooper-will on a summers night.
A guitar strung over your neck, slowly played.
With great harmony and delicate notes of wisdom.
Timeless haunting beauty careesed by many.
The fans of Mr.Orbison would like to say; Thank You Roy.