Hadil Diaf

Veteran Poet - 1,420 Points [Night Whispers] (2000 / Tizi Ouzou, Algeria)

Biography of Hadil Diaf

Hadil is a young Algerian poet.
Born in Laghouat, on FEB 27TH,2000.
Her story with words started at a very young age, she has had a plenty of writing attempts since the age of 8, she started with Arabic poems and short kids stories, then moved to french at the age of 10, and finally, she embraced english that became her principal writing language when she turned 12.
She tries to tangle the emotional gaps and darkness everyone of us deals with, as she says: " Words have saved my life once, so i devoted mine to save others, I'm not just a writer, I'm a savior." .
She has a plent of online published poems and drafts, as she has published her first book " Whispers of the Night" in July 2017, to mark her very frist steps into the writing World.
A journey she's planning to pursue til her time ends.

Hadil Diaf's Works:

Three Words In Humanity (online publishing)
Shout Of A Dying Soul (online publishing)
Whispers of the Night

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Music, My Holy Air

Music comes along my sight,
touches my heart
and makes my eyes bright
to embrace the new comfort it brings
and feel its depth insside my veins.

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