hafiz qasim

Freshman - 662 Points [H M Qasim] (20-12-1982 / Soan Valley Khushab)

Biography of hafiz qasim

Hafiz Muhammad Qasim was born in back-of-beyond area of Soan Valley district (Khushab) situated in northern Punjab in Pakistan. Soan Particularly is about 50000 years old civilization entwined with Indus-valley civilization.The real twist of time occurred whilst he decided to complete his university education.He did Bs(Hons) English Language & Literature from International Islamic University Islamabad in 2013.He tried to keep pace with time borrowing books from library and glancing through their pages hungrily often-time.It was not until 2012 his profound interest in poetry was streamlined by his teacher Sibghatullah Khan.He provided him a platform of www, poemhunter.com.Ergo he started coining lines of poetry.awry it was the moment of transformation.One of his earliest poems titles were Time, Writing in the air, Enigma, Disambiguation.The technique of teacher proved so well that Hafiz Muhammad Qasim became self-motivated in writing poetry, as time has its stages, shifts and lineaments.It passed like passerby, but with every next moment Hafiz Qasim's vigor augmented greatly.His poetry due to its unification sublimity and grandeur accustomed to catharsis as his lines were pithy.For the first time his early version of poems published in October 2012 in media-orchestrated world on www.poemhunter.com.These were 32 in number.These poem become were also eulogized by poemsabout.com and three other poems were published by literatureregard.blogspot.com/2012/.../hafiz-qasim-dreaming-hereafter.ht.., viz The Right to Live, Becoming Truant and Dreaming Hereafter.Hafiz Qasim has a deep interest in art and craftsmanship and in latter-days in poetic genius.His favourite poets are William Wordsworth, John Keats, Emily Dickensan, Rumi, Allama Iqbal and Adrienne Rich.His poems was legitimized as fine potpourri which is visible by the comments of poemhunter poet's community.His most likable poems in media format are Students, youth and little angels and virtue vs evil.He taught English language to the students of IELTS and CPE(certificate of proficiency in English) at British University College Multan and English to secondary students at Nasir Foundation School Rawalpindi.Nowadays he is teaching English at Bahria Foundation College Rawalpindi.He can be reached at hafizqasim05@gmail.com.

hafiz qasim's Works:

Three versions of his poetry books published in www.poemhunter.com with succeeding years 2012-2013-2014.These poems can be viewed atwww.poemhunter.com/i/ebooks/pdf/hafiz_qasim_2012_10.pdf, www.poemhunter.com/poem/would-you-be-mine-2/, his new poems are available on poemhunter.com.He has aslo written article on time management available on www.slideshare.net/qasim36/time-phenomenology-by-hafiz-muhammad..and short story on www.slideshare.net/qasim36/life-comes-to-halt.He has written various other short stories which are yet to be published.His quotes are: 'To be unlettered-one is not so big crime than to behave like unlettered-one''Where human-beings do not give respect to fellow human-beings, it is strikingly opposite a fallacy to expect any miracle from zoo''Success is not out-reached if you really have love for it''Dictation is of no use where humans are unjust offenders'Re-position yourself re-imagine yourself, one day you will find yourself in a different place, where you were aspiring''life has different twists and turns for that matter we are human and that's why we submit our-self to the will of God''When we accept that we are weak as human-beings, our possibility to struggle, grow and harvest increases to an enormous degree''if you think, you can think you can in a much better way all the way better than great thinkers of the world'

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Make A Pledge

Make a pledge on doing right
Make a pledge to show foresight
Make a pledge never to compromise everyone's respect
In the comity of nations
In the hullaballoo and passions
Let no child of my country live less than best life
less than which is best for her or him
Let we see unbloodiness
Let we pay homage to our ancestral blood

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