Hafza Ali

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Hafza Ali Quotes

  • ''Worry less.Smile more.Work hard.''
    Hafza Nur Ali
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  • ''Darling work hard, you could get through this, it is not going to be easy but my god would you be ecstatic once you see the finish line.''
    Hafza Nur Ali
  • ''Sometimes you forget who you are, you forget how far you have come, maybe you realise how far you have come and you settle, you get comfortable forgetting that you could do so much more, you could be the greatest of all buy you have to push because only then would you become a diamond darling. Never ever ever settle.''
    Hafza Nur Ali
  • ''Determination is waking up everyday knowing you could stay in bed and it would be perfectly understandable. But you get up because you know you have greatest within, you will not let anything or any excuse get in the way of your dreams.''
    Hafza Nur Ali

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My Darkest Hour

How hard it must to be pick all her damaged pieces without telling anyone how she felt.
Every night you flash across me, with that greasy, unforgiving smile that I would never forget. I remember your disgusting hands touching me, leaving trials I would never forgive on my body as I would be forever scraping till my body is six feet deep. I could never forgive. I was so hopeful. I was daisy you tarnished me and turned me into something I could never look at ever in my life. But everyone expects

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