Haidee Majola

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Haidee Majola Quotes

  • ''Never envy anyone
    For their full story
    You can never know''
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  • ''We can learn
    from the strangest of folks
    some profound life's lessons
    But if we sling mud balls at passerbys
    We shall in a pool of mud sit
    when they their goals reach.''
    Haidee Majola
  • ''Happiness of this world
    is but a transient whiff
    Yet the joy on the Lord
    Can never be dimmed''
    Haidee Majola
  • ''Time passes
    But life goes on
    It is not bad to have a good time
    But a good life is more worthy to seek
    For life stays with us
    For a lifetime''
    Haidee Majola
  • ''If we must change our outlook on life
    We must use the eyes of God to see
    For Who created life
    Knows it well''
    Haidee Majola
  • ''Slant walking is for crabs
    Man must walk after his talk''
    Haidee Majola

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Best Poem of Haidee Majola

Life: A Repeat Performance

Life is arepeat performance
of the same scenes
by different actors
as others before them
On this stage called life
nothing is new
Everyone gets their turn
by and by
to take centre stage
in some or other drama of life...
Sometimes with excruciating pain
Sometimes with rapturous joy
As life mindlessly continues
to roll forward it propels us
on to the next scene
Thus the end is the beginning
that will end at the start
of the next scene of life

♕poetess haidee majola
all rights reserved

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An attitude of
A friendly smile of
An extension of
Flashing the Light
shining within
We gravitate
towards these traits
Sweet aromas
of the humane

♕poetess haidee majola
all rights reserved

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