Haider Rana

Rookie (02-02-1981 / PAKISTAN)

Biography of Haider Rana

Haider Rana poet

I'm young and have always had a passion for writing. Writing poetry is a long, hard process for me. There are always so many thoughts churning in my head, and it gets hard to write them down in a perfect manner. I don't ever intend to read my poetry out loud, and most of my poetry can only be understood by myself. I don't like keeping secrets from the outside world, but that's just what I always do. I compare a lot of what happens inside of me and in my life to puzzles. There's really not much to know about me. I doubt many people will ever come across me, either. If you do happen to, though, please read what I have written and feel free to leave your thoughts. Any imput is good imput to me.

Have a wonderful day...

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