Hailey Agnew

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Hailey Agnew Poems

41. Kiss You, Kill You. 8/17/2009
42. She Stole My Dad Away From Me 9/2/2009
43. I Miss You Dad 9/2/2009
44. Make Your Childhood Last 9/2/2009
45. Good Morning 9/2/2009
46. I Am Right 9/2/2009
47. Back-Stabber 9/2/2009
48. Don'T Run Away 7/2/2009
49. I'M Sorry 9/2/2009
50. No Breach 9/2/2009
51. On Purpose 9/2/2009
52. Memories Dim 9/4/2009
53. You Didn'T Help 9/5/2009
54. Without Love 9/7/2009
55. Gotta Be Together 9/16/2009
56. Your Eyes 9/16/2009
57. Teenager 9/21/2009
58. What Is It About Him? 10/5/2009
59. My Fault 10/18/2009
60. To Be Or Not To Be 10/19/2009
61. Your Little Girl Again 10/20/2009
62. Something About Him 11/1/2009
63. So Pissed Off At The World 9/10/2009
64. You Left Me In The Dark 4/26/2009
65. Can'T Wait Forever 4/20/2009
66. Drip Drip, Drip Drip. 4/27/2009
67. The Crying Game 4/19/2009
68. The Voice In My Head 9/7/2009
69. Almost Dead 10/18/2009
70. Flawless 9/2/2009
71. Just Tell Me The Truth 6/29/2009
72. A Smile 5/13/2009
73. Crying Those Tears 4/19/2009
74. My 10 Mistakes 4/19/2009
75. My Everything 4/19/2009
76. As I'M Slowly Dying 7/8/2009
77. They Called Her Emo 4/27/2009
78. Confused 5/7/2009
79. Life Is A Card Game 7/2/2009
80. Invisible Girl 7/2/2009

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  • Mckenna Levitt (6/28/2009 5:59:00 PM)

    hey hailey,

    dude i dont know how to use this site xP
    please help me lol


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Best Poem of Hailey Agnew

School Sucks

People hate school.
This is a fact.
Why do you think?
By graduation,
You need a shrink.
Teachers lecture you,
Teachers yell at you,
People hate you,
What can you do?
Teachers get in your face,
Teachers enjoy your suffering,
They tell you what to do,
They think they own you.
Kids hate you,
They call you names,
They say hurtful things,
They make minutes feel like days.
There is no escape.
You sit in a desk,
Cramped and uncomforatable,
Waiting for the time to pass.
Bored out of your mind,
You’re going ...

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I Am Free

Every day it’s a struggle, just to get out of the bed in the morning. I think about the day to come. I smile, but only on the outside. I cry, but only on the inside. You look at me, u judge me. But you don’t see me. You only see the girl next to me... with her flowing golden hair, her polished nails, her perfection. But you don’t really see her, u

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