Haki Aitoro

Biography of Haki Aitoro

H Aitoro is an inspirational writer/poet who writes a unique style of inspirational poetry which he describes as provocative poetry. He fuses classical rhetorical devices with modern free forms of poetry as his means of delivering very powerful thought provoking and emotionally moving message. His poetry grabs the reader both subtly and overtly as his verbal word play through his innovative metaphors and use of devices pushes his messages of hope and success deep into the minds of his readers. His poetry covers much of the topics of a self improvement classic such as motivation, overcoming fears, realationships, the power of language, self love and more. H Aitoro has been writing poetry for the last fifteen years and has helped young poets to develop and improve their poetic skills through his rare and unique creative poetry workshops in the North of England. He loves to write inspirational poetry which can move people and inspire them to overcome whatever challenges or difficulties life may throw at them.

Haki Aitoro's Works:

How to Get Up Stay Up & Excel
Provocative Poetry

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