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41. How Do I Live 2/12/2010
42. The Morning Sun 1/25/2010
43. Have You Noticed? 6/16/2010
44. The Impasse 3/28/2010
45. Lancelot's Dream 1/2/2010
46. My Father's Words 12/24/2009
47. I Will Always Stand For You 11/13/2011
48. Lancelot To Guinevere 4/24/2011
49. What Lies Beneath 11/18/2009
50. I Want To Paint You 11/6/2009
51. My Mother's Tears 12/6/2009
52. The Irony Of Love 12/11/2009

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The Irony Of Love

Irony is a literary or rhetorical device.
The essayist Henry Watson Fowler wrote:
“any definition of irony
—though hundreds might be given,
and very few of them would be accepted—
must include this,
that the surface meaning
and the underlying meaning of
what is said are not the same.'
He left out that any definition of
Irony must include that it is cruel.

I never understood
The meaning of irony
Or how cruel it can be,
Until you told me,
That though you may love me,
You find it difficult to
Hear the words
“I love you” from ...

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I Want To Paint You

I want to paint you.
Not to achieve immortality
For you or me
By the exquisiteness of your portrait.
But because, as impossible as it may seem,
You do not know how beautiful
You are.

I want to hold before you

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