hamed komeili

Rookie (30-4-1983 / Tehran-Iran)

Biography of hamed komeili

hamed komeili poet

Hamed Komeili was born in 1983 in Tehran in a warm and artistic family. His mother is painter, she is a realist painter. She is teacher too. She teaches art in guidance school. His uncle is nastaligh(a kind of Persian hand writing style) master. Hamed will write nastaligh well too. His uncle (His mother's brother) Is Persian language professor, he teaches in university. His grandfather was architect but he is retired now. His father doesn't have any art, he is a business man.

And Hamed, He graduated in public relation field in university. He teaches computer science before, but now he is working in an engineering company. He writes his first poem when he was a student in primary school and read it in a ceremony in school. But after knowing his societies problems he threw away his poems and he writes poems in another meanings till now. He have 45 poems and many of them have social meanings, and some of them are about the characters who he love them. Like cyrus the great, greatest Persian king who lived 3000 years ago.

hamed komeili's Works:

The night cry

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