Hamza Al Saieedy

Rookie - 20 Points [Lio] (1994/7/28 / The-Qar \ iraq)

Biography of Hamza Al Saieedy

My name is Hamza Al-Saieedy (Lio)

I was born at the 28th of July 1994.
I’m a freshman (student) ! as for where I live, well! I live in Iraq.
My home town is called Al-Nasr in Thi-Qar.

I love poetry but sadly I’m too shy to write with my mother-language. so once I read the first two lines of William Shakespeare’s and I saw the similarity between the two languages (Arabic and English) ! Thus I studied the English literature specifically poetry, so I tried to mix in every possible way between the two poetic cultures.

The reason after my poetry is a girl (as common as it seems but I have other reasons you may notice while you’re reading my poems) .

My favorite poets are W.Shakespeare, W.Wordsworth, Maya Angelou, W.Blake, Emily Dickinson, ..etc.

I don’t a specific type or style of poetry!

So I hope you could keep up with me and comment on my posts, because I need every opinion I can get!

You can reach me on Facebook or you can visit my other blog.
https: //www.facebook.com/hamzeh.t.ali

thank you for reading..

Hamza Al Saieedy's Works:

Not yet! but maybe in the far future! !

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Some Wisdom

Who lived with fire afraid no burn,
By other faults wiseman learn.
Trust is free, it must be earn.
Poor is a dress waiting to be worn!
Keep on alive and wait your turn..

Fresh in flesh, in provision old!
If speech is silver, silence is gold..
Fool in life, with ladies bold;
Free in limbs; your mind is sold

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