Han Min Ohn

Rookie - 256 Points (29.7.1983 / Yangon)

Han Min Ohn Poems

241. Lucky Me, Damned Me 8/2/2012
242. What The Rainbow Mutters, The Flowers Whisper 3/4/2012
243. Haiku- A Water Droplet 8/2/2012
244. Haiku – Tic-Tac-Toe 10/24/2013
245. Haiku - Moonless Night 10/5/2013
246. Evil Are People 1/19/2014
247. Trapped In A Fog 12/16/2013
248. Footprints 2/15/2014
249. The Soft And The Hard 5/5/2011
250. Life’s Twists And Turns 8/14/2011
251. The Twinkling Stars 5/3/2011
252. The Boy And The Apple Tree 5/1/2011
253. A Laughter 12/1/2013
254. A Toy Story 8/2/2012
255. Hocus-Pocus Village 10/28/2013
256. Nights Without Your Glow 2/2/2014
257. Hold Your Head High! 5/4/2011
258. Haiku-The Kite 5/9/2011
259. Life’s Lessons 5/27/2011
260. Together Is Better (Accept The Differences) 8/7/2011
261. Code Hammurabi 8/2/2012
262. Th Lost Thrill 8/7/2013
263. Desert Flower 4/9/2014
264. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 5/25/2014
265. Knowledge And Wisdom 4/25/2011
266. Butterfly Dream 4/25/2011
267. God’s Will? 9/11/2013
268. Tyranny 4/25/2011
269. Lone Traveller 4/25/2011
270. Right And Wrong 5/7/2011
271. The Cry Of Africa (For Famine Stricken African People) 8/9/2011
272. Acid And Alkali 12/20/2013

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Best Poem of Han Min Ohn

Acid And Alkali

A little acidity not many tongues will detest
Sometimes a sour taste, for a tongue, is best
Too low of it and the tongue will be dissolved
Not a single tongue will dare to get involved.

A little alkalinity many tongues sometimes prefer
What it creates, is a taste we call bitter
Too high of it and the tongue will be corroded
Not a single tongue will dare to get eroded.

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The Fish And The Sky

Once there was a fish living in a stream
Where water was clear and the surface gleam
Food was abundant and large predators away
The fish was passing happily its days

One day the fish looked up and noticed the sky
So blue and endless and free in its eyes
Suddenly it saw a flock of birds moving by
And immediately yearned that it itself could fly

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