Hannah Anderson

Rookie (June / Maine)

Hannah Anderson Poems

1. Antony Rap (From Shakespear's Julias Ceaser) 4/24/2007
2. Bleeding For You 4/24/2007
3. Falling 3/11/2008
4. Conspiracy 3/25/2009
5. At Night 3/9/2010
6. Revel In The Pain 8/24/2010
7. False Image 8/24/2010
8. Stereotyped 8/24/2010
9. Intervention 8/25/2010
10. Loss Of A Friend 8/25/2010
11. To: Hilary 2/3/2008
12. What I See 6/30/2007
13. Trying To Breathe 2/3/2008
14. Life Vs. Reality 2/3/2008
15. The World Today 2/3/2008
16. Hidden Messages 8/17/2006
17. An Attention Emo 4/24/2007
18. Old Habits 4/24/2007
19. Breaking Her Heart 6/30/2007
20. Recipe For A Broken Heart 4/24/2007
21. Addiction To Death 8/17/2006
22. (((Identity))) 4/24/2007
Best Poem of Hannah Anderson


My sleeves hide my identity,
the side you’ll never know,
the side I’m ashamed of
and the side I’ll never show

Deep in the night
I feel the icy need
For this life to end
And me to do the deed

But this fear holds me back
This fear of death and life
yes it sounds messed up
But it evens out with a knife

The knife that slices my skin
Marring my soul forever
You’ve just cracked the surface
Love will end this endeavor

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Hidden Messages

The blood drips down
Staining my sleeve
But I don’t care, it doesn’t matter
Nothing does, not the pain that won’t leave
Nor the sick emptiness
That is controlling my every move
The blood seems an unreadable message
Showing the world I have something to prove
But I don’t know what I want to say

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