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Hannah Hebditch Poems

1. A Bullet Hit The Sky 3/29/2013
2. A Missing Light 3/29/2013
3. Daddys Gone 3/29/2013
4. Sickly 3/29/2013
5. Dear Someone 3/29/2013
6. Hide Away 3/30/2013
7. Break Me Again 3/30/2013
8. Proud 3/30/2013
9. If I Fall 3/30/2013
10. This Is Love 3/30/2013
11. Wounds Leak Pain 3/30/2013
12. Its The Same Day 3/30/2013
13. Pulse 3/30/2013
14. Daydream 3/30/2013
15. Blank 3/30/2013
16. Defeated 3/30/2013
17. Forgotten 4/6/2013
18. Dont Leave Me In The Dark 4/19/2013
19. I See Through 4/21/2013
20. Needles 4/23/2013
21. Live Real Life 7/12/2013
22. Faceless 7/12/2013
23. Follow On 7/12/2013
24. Life's Cycle 9/6/2013
25. Life Of A Flower 3/30/2013
26. Wooden Soldier 3/30/2013
27. Colour Me Red 3/30/2013
28. Dancing To Ambitions 3/30/2013
29. What I Never Understood 7/12/2013
30. What If Im Not Okay 4/6/2013
31. You'Re Losing Me 7/12/2013
32. Broken Girl 4/1/2013

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Best Poem of Hannah Hebditch

Broken Girl

I cradled your lifeless figure in my arms
Smeared blood across my fingers as I
Stroked your porcelain skin and
Dark hair back over your glassy eyes

I’m afraid now, I was always afraid
When you visited home, you could barely move
You used to lay collapsed on the wooden floorboards
Closed eyes, without a smile
I was never sure whether to pry open
Your eyelids that were jammed shut so tightly
Or leave you thrown there
Your back arched over legs, head fallen
Kind of like the doll I threw out when
I was little, hideous thing it was

Oh though ...

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A Missing Light

As the city lights up
And flames burn into our hearts
We feel something more
Than happiness, so strong it hurts

It doesn’t feel like simple bad luck
The pain wouldn’t travel so far
But maybe, if we saw
That one light that isn’t alert

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