Hannah Hetze

Rookie (June 8 1994-? ? / Yo mom)

Biography of Hannah Hetze

I was born in a log cabin. I remember the smell of it. It was kinda icky. I have a twin. She is pretty. We are identical. Although we are the same, she doesn't write poems. Most the poems I publish are improv's, meaning they are not serious. Most the poems I write in my spare time, are ACTUALLY good

Hannah Hetze's Works:

The Life of Hannah. Hannah's Life. Snoopy's adventures.

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Report Cards Are Dumb.

I hate report cards!
They're so stupid and dumb.
Like a hobo eating macoroni
or a pancake with peacans.
What's the point of them anyways?
Basically, all they're for
is 'reporting' your flaws
to smart people.
I hate report cards!

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