Hannah Rininger

Rookie (8/16/1991 / Florida)

Biography of Hannah Rininger

I've lived a very different life then most ppl.. nawt that i'm ganna sit here n xplain it all but u get wut i mean. i lived in florida till i wuz 11 then moved 2 tennessee with all these crazy ppl =P. lol ya i no right? ? i've made many mistakes but have tried 2 fix as many as possible. i've been hurt by several ppl n rlly don't trust anyone now.. i plan on going 2 college although i'm nawt sure wut i want in life right now.. if u want 2 no anything add me 2 msn.. Black_Dying_Rose@Live.com

Hannah Rininger's Works:

None Mwhahaha!

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I Thought

I thought you loved me,
I thought you cared,
I thought I was your everything,
I thought we were meant to be,
I thought we'd always be together,
And that this love would last forever,
But I guess I was wrong..
You did love me,
But I wasn't your first.

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