Hannington Mumo

Silver Star - 3,569 Points (17th November 1987 / Kenya)

Hannington Mumo Quotes

  • ''Life is for living, not for taking care of for no mortal can guarantee its continuity.''
    Those who fear taking risks.
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  • ''It's scary how some unambitious men choose a life of comfortable waiting for death while manlier swines shake the pillars of the space.''
    Lack of ambition.
  • ''The problem with being a gifted writer in Kenya is that you have many half-schooled editors who have no taste for literary works, and will hence have problems having your works published. I don't write to meet the wizened expectations of a Moi University graduate in Information Science, folks who cannot recall anything worth reading they've ever read. An editor should be a literary enthusiast, if not a writer themselves.''
    Lack of worthy publishing houses in Kenya...
  • ''Ignorance, just like genius, is a powerful thing - it can level mountains!''
    Of ignorant folks all over the place...
  • ''It is naked folly to compete with giants before you have even wrestled squirrels.''
    Of Lilliputian nincompoops all over the place...
  • ''The expansiveness of one's fortunes means little to their happiness.The decision to be a happy person is the greatest determination in the life of man here on earth.''
    The need for happiness in life...
  • ''The things African editors publish as poetry are commonplace disjointed prosaic sentences that have no poetic distinction. How a self-confessed lifelong metrophobe becomes a poetry editor at some godforsaken publishing house in the city is a miracle possible only in Africa. God have mercy upon our barren literary wombs!''
    The literary aridity that has continued to terrorize Africa as a continent...
  • ''Calling a dog a lion does not give
    him the mane.''
  • ''The poet writes not to be lauded but to achieve something that they are not even themselves sure of. Perhaps that is their only reward.''
  • ''And you can never learn how to swim by watching others do it - you plunge into the waters!''
    Learning anything new...

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Best Poem of Hannington Mumo

Late Love

Are you the Aphrodite of the Greek tales
Or the Artemis who admirers drooling sent?
No, for Aphrodite had her little flaws
And Artemis the fortunes of Orion bent.

Nor are you the stunning star that the Magi led.
For the over-told story of the Magi is as old as dirt
But your drowsy rounded eyes look so cunning fresh;
The kind of tools that the will men pervert.

The famous Ishtar cannot be your match
For she lured with looks in order to kill;
And Inanna may have tried to rival you a bit
Had she not given in to Dumuzi’s antique skill.

And tired ...

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Hearts Do Throb

(For Kenyan athletes assiduously winning medals in Commonwealth games in Delhi, India; 13th October 2010)

A patriot to death my heart does with satisfaction throb
For yours is praiseworthy an effort and so sterling a job;
You’ve crowned us with gold and silver and bronze
And which is pricelessly more, a dignity so noble
That our hearts do throb with pride and dance.

The world would better about us embrace second a thought,

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