Happy Hippie Girl

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Happy Hippie Girl Poems

1. Does He Love Me? 12/11/2009
2. Tell Me 12/11/2009
3. See What You Want To See 3/17/2010
4. Fall Is Coming! 9/22/2010
5. Sitting At College 9/22/2010
6. Untitled 9/22/2010
7. Why? 2/12/2010
8. Fall Is Here! 11/23/2010
9. You Brought Me To Tears 11/23/2010
10. Random 9/11/2012
11. What Am I Doing? 9/11/2012
12. Kill 9/11/2012
13. My Love For You 9/11/2012
14. Why Does This Have To Happen 7/31/2014
15. Tidbit Of Reality 9/29/2011
16. My Heart 12/13/2009
17. Missouri 11/23/2010
18. School 2/12/2010
19. Change 12/13/2009
20. The Government 12/13/2009
21. You! 12/11/2009
22. The World 12/10/2009
23. Let Go 12/11/2009
24. Sonnet 46, By William Shakespeare 12/11/2009
25. Love Is All I Have 3/17/2010
26. Kids These Days 12/13/2009
27. Is There Hope? 12/12/2009
28. There's Something Wrong With The World Today 12/13/2009
29. Life Is Like A Trial 12/11/2009

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Life Is Like A Trial

Day by day, hour by hour, people are judged for how they dress, walk, talk, or stand. What is wrong with this world today? None of the kids have respect for anything! I am not saying that I am perfect, but at least I don’t mouth off to my parents and call them by their first name! Gothic people are very underestimated these days. People think that because they are gothic they don’t have social skills, and or wear color. Well think again, because I am one of those many gothic people in this world; just because we wear black everyday doesn’t mean that we’re non-sociable. People need to ...

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Why do you think I said, “Ask her out.” Are you really that stupid not to see who really loves you! You don’t even notice that I’m your number one fan, sitting, right next to you, watching your every move. I try to get to you, but you’re always with your friends or somebody else.
You killed me, you broke my heart! And now, every time you see me you turn your back on me. You don’t see how much I really want YOU! ! ! I’m not giving up on you! But you give me no reason to love you. I lack

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