Harashia Crawford

Rookie [Dream Forever] (February 11,1993 / Norristown, PA)

Biography of Harashia Crawford

Harashia Crawford poet

I was born in Norristown, Pa. I love to write poems on my spare time wheather it's at school, at home, on the bus to or from school, wherever. I love to write poems becasue one, they are mainly about how I am feeling or my point of view on things at the moment. Two because It's a good way to lose steam or just to get something off your chest no matter if it's good or bad. And three because it's so soothing and I personally think that no one listens to me so my writing it, in poem or 'code', people will eventually start reading my poems and listening to what I have to say on things. I hope on day to become a famous poet or a therapist for people that think they're a nobody or with problems they have about themselves. I idolize poets like Pablo Neruda and people whose poems remind me of myself... I hope to have more poems than William Shakespere has sonnets by the time I graduate school...

Harashia Crawford's Works:

I haven't published any books at the moment, but I will soon. I like to think of it as my way of expressing things/ feelings that I want to get across at an early age.

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Sorry, My Heart Is Taken

My heart will always have your name.
And yeah, this poem starts off lame.
But I figured I'll write and tell you anyway.
Alexander, all I want to say,
is that, I loved you yesterday,
I love you today,
I will love you everyday.
My love for you is more,
And more than the day before.

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