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Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

401. How Are You? 8/10/2014
402. Obituary - Robin Wiliams 8/13/2014
403. Drowned And Dry 8/13/2014
404. Monsoons 6/26/2014
405. Dreams And Alibi. 6/28/2014
406. New World Terrorists 6/29/2014
407. $25 Lure And Memories Past 6/29/2014
408. Minority Report. 6/30/2014
409. The Union Budget 2014 7/10/2014
410. Tare - Stars 8/15/2014
411. Portrait 8/15/2014
412. Scotland Referendum 8/15/2014
413. Poemhunter Wants To Improve. 8/10/2014
414. Cowards 8/20/2014
415. James Foley 8/20/2014
416. Immortality 8/29/2014
417. Gajanan Mishra - A Fellow Poet 8/29/2014
418. Poet Versus Members - Poem Hunters Rule Of Law 8/29/2014
419. Kabhee - Sometime 8/29/2014
420. Why Does It Rain? 8/30/2014
421. The Fortune Maker 9/10/2014
422. 1 Out Of 10 9/11/2014
423. The Straw 9/13/2014
424. Waqt Kaa Ruknaa. - The Faltering Of Time 9/13/2014
425. Yam Deva Naa Nagaa Pagalaan - The Naked Foot Prints Of The God Of Death 9/26/2014
426. Deletion. 4/5/2016
427. Taliban And France 4/5/2016
428. Cost Of Guilt. 4/5/2016
429. Barbarians 4/5/2016
430. Politically Right 8/20/2014
431. Definitions 8/29/2014
432. Refugees 8/29/2014
433. Quit Smoking 6/16/2014
434. Planet Of Apes 4/8/2016
435. 1+1=19 4/8/2016
436. And Then It Ends 6/16/2014
437. Indian Contemporary And Pristine Culture. 6/17/2014
438. Little Bits 7/11/2014
439. Do Not Ask Me Why. 8/13/2014
440. Division 6/24/2014

Comments about Hardik Vaidya

  • Mahesh Vaidya (6/25/2014 11:39:00 PM)

    Fair is Fair is a good one. They have promissed world class facilities in this much increased. I think, they can hardly be able to prevent accidents or provide preventive maintenance but the fund such collected, I am afraid will go to the victims of future accidents. Passengers may take consolations that at least they may give more compensation to victims as they can not stop accidents in future in this much more funds as this may hardly be enough to do anything worthwhile.

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  • Hardik Vaidya (5/14/2013 9:45:00 AM)

    Aswath Raman you are most kind, a gentleman and a poet. Such a combination is rare. Especially so in modern India. To keep ones sense of gentle and pure state of open mind is a massive feat to achieve in a country of sycophants, corrupt folks on counts of money and culture. I stand humbled beyond measure to note your appreciation. More than it, I stand proud as a fellow Indian and a human to see a person of your stature growing in India. I wish all young men and women were endowed with the spirit of openness and the firm passion of being their own self, that is the hallmark of being an Indian.

Best Poem of Hardik Vaidya

Saptapadee - Gujarati Poem - English Translation

Dariyaa ne kinaare nadee samee,
Halave halave, vahyaan taa kadee.
Taraa, ane maraa pagalaaonee,
Aaa saptapadee,
Na bhoolyoon nabh, Na bhulee zameen.
Taraan paglaan aagal, maraan paachal,
Aapnee sambhog nee sabhyataa hatee anokhee.
Shamanaa taraan maree padachaap ne chereee ugyaan,
Megha ne harafee, kshitij ne laanghee gayaan,
Phutee niklyaa Taree aankhon mahee,
Kudrat Naa lajawaab jazeera,
Parodhiyaa nee paankho Dharee,
Tara chumban mane sparsheee gayaan,
Nabh tyaar thee tuteee padyoon che,
Megha shoonya banee, phool Varshee rahyoon ...

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You Have Arrived.

You have arrived:

When the tweet within, leaps out.
Peeks through every face, of every book, of the book of all books.
Through all words, alphabets, punctuation's, and full stops.
When the spaces between the words tweet and reek of you.
When the musk in the deer, is the deer in the musk.
When your tweet echoes across time, across space.
When your tweet bends light, when your tweet sears through tears of time.

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