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Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

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Dignity Of A Better Lover A Poem In Bangla - With English Translation

Akhono muhorito praan Amaar
Tor boshonter paagol dibha raatree shomaan,
Mor ontorer Aakash, paataal
Dujone sourobhito tor gourobe opaar
Maatee amaay Chede diye che,
Tor rangaa chokh amaay kede niyeche.


Even now blossoms my being,
In the mad spring days and nights of yours,
The sky and the depths of me,
Both remain fragrant in your dignity.
The soil has divorced me,
The red of your eyes have snatched me.

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Barbarism is the child of man not woman.
It dies a dogs death every second, when the kind awakens in men.
The pangs of labor are not unknown. They are nightmares, holocausts.
Man before being kind is stupid. To be stupid is manly to be kind is men.
Temples, churches, mosques have been defiled, idols smashed, books burned.
Ideas imprisoned, thoughts buried, minds muffled, voices muzzled.
Heads have been rolled, blood has been let from veins for vain, with mirth.
Free has been the ethic of

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