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Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

41. Heretic 2/2/2013
42. Lands Of Kutchh 2/2/2013
43. Road Sides And Middles 2/6/2013
44. Tree 2/7/2013
45. Horses In My Mind. 2/7/2013
46. Indians. 2/7/2013
47. Rape Of Ila 2/8/2013
48. Odd Ones Out 2/8/2013
49. Bus Stop 2/8/2013
50. Australia 2/9/2013
51. On The Hanging Of Afzal Guru. 2/9/2013
52. The Woman In The Ferrari 2/8/2013
53. Lock Smith 2/8/2013
54. Infidelity 2/9/2013
55. Watchman 2/9/2013
56. Shorshe / Mustard 2/9/2013
57. Supriya 2/9/2013
58. Conversations 2/9/2013
59. Palestine 2/9/2013
60. Desperate Measures. 2/11/2013
61. Children's Crossing In Mumbai 2/11/2013
62. Madhusudan 2/11/2013
63. My School - Julien Day School 35 E, Elgin Road, Calcutta. 2/11/2013
64. Girl At A Bustop 2/11/2013
65. Fathers Hanging. 2/11/2013
66. Mumbai My Love 2/12/2013
67. Survival Of Youth 2/12/2013
68. Man And Nature 2/12/2013
69. Enigma Of Creativity 2/12/2013
70. Vouge Women 2/12/2013
71. Peeping Tom 2/12/2013
72. Mobile 2/12/2013
73. Rules 2/12/2013
74. Toys 2/13/2013
75. Madhukar Natvarlal Vachharajani 2/7/2013
76. Manisha - My Wife. 2/7/2013
77. Henna 2/8/2013
78. Mushroom 2/3/2013
79. Muslim Material 2/13/2013
80. Old And The Young 2/13/2013

Comments about Hardik Vaidya

  • Mahesh Vaidya (6/25/2014 11:39:00 PM)

    Fair is Fair is a good one. They have promissed world class facilities in this much increased. I think, they can hardly be able to prevent accidents or provide preventive maintenance but the fund such collected, I am afraid will go to the victims of future accidents. Passengers may take consolations that at least they may give more compensation to victims as they can not stop accidents in future in this much more funds as this may hardly be enough to do anything worthwhile.

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  • Hardik Vaidya (5/14/2013 9:45:00 AM)

    Aswath Raman you are most kind, a gentleman and a poet. Such a combination is rare. Especially so in modern India. To keep ones sense of gentle and pure state of open mind is a massive feat to achieve in a country of sycophants, corrupt folks on counts of money and culture. I stand humbled beyond measure to note your appreciation. More than it, I stand proud as a fellow Indian and a human to see a person of your stature growing in India. I wish all young men and women were endowed with the spirit of openness and the firm passion of being their own self, that is the hallmark of being an Indian.

Best Poem of Hardik Vaidya

Creativity / Being Original

What is being creative?
Nature creates, we pro create.
What is being original?
The answer is quite simple.
There is only one you.
A permutation of DNA that won't be ever again true.
Therefore only you can be you.
If you dare to be you,
Provided you find your you,
And live your true,
Speak your own,
Make love to what's grown,
Blossom into the tree in your seed,
Does not matter if its a rosé or a creepy weed,
As long as its what it is,
And you are not ashamed of its drip,
You have created a Masterpiece.

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The Eternal Need

The eternal need:

The vast expanse of your limitless eyes
Do not quench but fuel my eternal need
The gaze they hold entwined between them
Do not quench but fuel my primeval desire
The dark depth of theirs, pregnant with promise
Do not quench but spark a wild fire in my being
As if burning through millennia, relentless, biblical.

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