Hardik Vaidya

Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

521. While A Passenger 11/20/2013
522. Who Am I? Amee Ke? Mai Koun Whoon? 2/21/2013
523. Who Said? Ke Bollow? 2/19/2013
524. Who's Mad? 2/15/2013
525. Why Aliens Don'T Contact Us 3/5/2013
526. Why Autumn Comes. 3/4/2013
527. Why Does It Rain? 8/30/2014
528. Why? Why Do I Need Permissions? 3/12/2013
529. Wish 2/20/2013
530. Womans Eyes. 3/9/2013
531. Women. 11/14/2013
532. Writing A Poem 2/14/2013
533. Yam Deva Naa Nagaa Pagalaan - The Naked Foot Prints Of The God Of Death 9/26/2014
534. You Can Run You Cannot Hide 2/16/2013
535. You Have Arrived. 1/19/2013
536. You Read I Read We Both Die 2/25/2013
537. You. 11/22/2013
538. Your Hue 2/25/2013
539. Your Lullaby 3/31/2013
540. Your Seed 2/16/2013
541. Your Successful Sale. 2/21/2013
Best Poem of Hardik Vaidya

Creativity / Being Original

What is being creative?
Nature creates, we pro create.
What is being original?
The answer is quite simple.
There is only one you.
A permutation of DNA that won't be ever again true.
Therefore only you can be you.
If you dare to be you,
Provided you find your you,
And live your true,
Speak your own,
Make love to what's grown,
Blossom into the tree in your seed,
Does not matter if its a rosé or a creepy weed,
As long as its what it is,
And you are not ashamed of its drip,
You have created a Masterpiece.

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You Have Arrived.

You have arrived:

When the tweet within, leaps out.
Peeks through every face, of every book, of the book of all books.
Through all words, alphabets, punctuation's, and full stops.
When the spaces between the words tweet and reek of you.
When the musk in the deer, is the deer in the musk.
When your tweet echoes across time, across space.
When your tweet bends light, when your tweet sears through tears of time.

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