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Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

161. She Is Mine 3/1/2013
162. Spring Paradox 3/1/2013
163. Time To Part 3/2/2013
164. Sand And Diamonds 3/2/2013
165. Wagah Border 3/2/2013
166. Don'T Weep For Me 3/2/2013
167. Two Unclaimed Sarees. 3/2/2013
168. To My Moslem Brothers 2/23/2013
169. Can You Not Be Like The Dove On My Bedroom Ledge? 2/22/2013
170. Non Conducting Minds 2/22/2013
171. If I Am Dead 2/22/2013
172. Unrequired Clarification. 2/21/2013
173. Poem By My Wife - Manisha Chhaya 2/22/2013
174. Nature Is Fair 2/22/2013
175. The Only Eagle 2/23/2013
176. God And Men Every Body's Same Under Law 2/23/2013
177. To Hell With Him, To Be With You. 2/24/2013
178. Gm The Local Legal Hooch 3/2/2013
179. The Long And Short Of It 3/3/2013
180. Why Autumn Comes. 3/4/2013
181. Why Aliens Don'T Contact Us 3/5/2013
182. The Global Crash Of Religions 3/5/2013
183. The Red Buses In Mumbai 3/5/2013
184. Good Morning To Me 3/5/2013
185. Building Castles Of Poems 3/5/2013
186. Cost Of War 3/5/2013
187. Art Of War 3/5/2013
188. The Poemhunter Rating Scale 3/6/2013
189. It's Just A Corner Away 3/6/2013
190. Root Of Power 3/4/2013
191. India's Horse Race 3/5/2013
192. The Light Of India 3/5/2013
193. Shadows 3/5/2013
194. America And China Lets Deal. 3/6/2013
195. Waiting 3/7/2013
196. The Life Of A Sales Professional 3/7/2013
197. The Mite. 3/7/2013
198. Strange Void After A Long Monsoon. 3/7/2013
199. Western Tourists 3/7/2013
200. Expresso Americana 3/8/2013

Comments about Hardik Vaidya

  • Mahesh Vaidya (6/25/2014 11:39:00 PM)

    Fair is Fair is a good one. They have promissed world class facilities in this much increased. I think, they can hardly be able to prevent accidents or provide preventive maintenance but the fund such collected, I am afraid will go to the victims of future accidents. Passengers may take consolations that at least they may give more compensation to victims as they can not stop accidents in future in this much more funds as this may hardly be enough to do anything worthwhile.

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  • Hardik Vaidya (5/14/2013 9:45:00 AM)

    Aswath Raman you are most kind, a gentleman and a poet. Such a combination is rare. Especially so in modern India. To keep ones sense of gentle and pure state of open mind is a massive feat to achieve in a country of sycophants, corrupt folks on counts of money and culture. I stand humbled beyond measure to note your appreciation. More than it, I stand proud as a fellow Indian and a human to see a person of your stature growing in India. I wish all young men and women were endowed with the spirit of openness and the firm passion of being their own self, that is the hallmark of being an Indian.

Best Poem of Hardik Vaidya

1 2 3 4 New Nursery Rhyme

1 2 3 4
Customers always want more.
1 2 3 4
Customers always make your ulcer sore.
1 2 3 4
Customers dislike hearing no.
1 2 3 4
Customers are never ever sure.
5 6 7 8
Customers always pay less.
6 7 8 9
Customer you are darling mine.
7 8 9 10
Please come back, I miss you dame.

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You Have Arrived.

You have arrived:

When the tweet within, leaps out.
Peeks through every face, of every book, of the book of all books.
Through all words, alphabets, punctuation's, and full stops.
When the spaces between the words tweet and reek of you.
When the musk in the deer, is the deer in the musk.
When your tweet echoes across time, across space.
When your tweet bends light, when your tweet sears through tears of time.

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