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Rookie - 431 Points [http://hardikvaidya.blogspot.in] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Hardik Vaidya Poems

201. Did My Grandmother Die On A Women's Day? 3/8/2013
202. To You Today 3/8/2013
203. To Shanks, Whom The World Knows As Shiva 3/9/2013
204. Saraswati The Goddess Of Knowledge 3/9/2013
205. Womans Eyes. 3/9/2013
206. Mans Tongue. 3/9/2013
207. My Plea To The Powerful In A Democracy.I Am Begging For Your Mercy. 3/10/2013
208. Feeling. 3/12/2013
209. Ajanta And Ellora 3/13/2013
210. Landlocked. 3/13/2013
211. Emptiness. 3/13/2013
212. I Want To Be A Vagabond 3/13/2013
213. Haaraate Paaree Nee - I Have Not Managed To Loose It - Bangla Poem With English Translation. 3/13/2013
214. The Wheels Keep Turning 3/14/2013
215. The Eagle Is Back 3/14/2013
216. Gurudakshina To Haripada Halder 3/10/2013
217. Just Dont Be Sad 3/11/2013
218. Death Of Nations And Nationality. 3/12/2013
219. Why? Why Do I Need Permissions? 3/12/2013
220. Sold Out. 3/15/2013
221. Neat And Imprisoned. 3/15/2013
222. Erase. 3/16/2013
223. L.A.P.D 3/16/2013
224. Nirguna - One Without Traits 3/17/2013
225. To Philip And Timothy Two Children Of India. 3/17/2013
226. Wealth. 3/17/2013
227. Piu 3/17/2013
228. Jingyi Zheng 3/17/2013
229. To A Lady Who Has A Name Which I Cannot Take. 3/17/2013
230. Responsible And Devastated 3/16/2013
231. I Want To Be A Common Dumb Man 3/16/2013
232. Flash Mobs - We Invented Them At Calcutta 3/15/2013
233. Improbables 3/18/2013
234. Allow Me. 3/18/2013
235. Crawling 3/18/2013
236. The Work Of Your Life. 3/18/2013
237. From Dung To Rung 3/18/2013
238. Dementia - Dr N Vachharajani's Bête Noir 3/18/2013
239. Molasses Of Our Minds 3/18/2013
240. Hey Its Me 3/19/2013

Comments about Hardik Vaidya

  • Mahesh Vaidya (6/25/2014 11:39:00 PM)

    Fair is Fair is a good one. They have promissed world class facilities in this much increased. I think, they can hardly be able to prevent accidents or provide preventive maintenance but the fund such collected, I am afraid will go to the victims of future accidents. Passengers may take consolations that at least they may give more compensation to victims as they can not stop accidents in future in this much more funds as this may hardly be enough to do anything worthwhile.

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  • Hardik Vaidya (5/14/2013 9:45:00 AM)

    Aswath Raman you are most kind, a gentleman and a poet. Such a combination is rare. Especially so in modern India. To keep ones sense of gentle and pure state of open mind is a massive feat to achieve in a country of sycophants, corrupt folks on counts of money and culture. I stand humbled beyond measure to note your appreciation. More than it, I stand proud as a fellow Indian and a human to see a person of your stature growing in India. I wish all young men and women were endowed with the spirit of openness and the firm passion of being their own self, that is the hallmark of being an Indian.

Best Poem of Hardik Vaidya

1 2 3 4 New Nursery Rhyme

1 2 3 4
Customers always want more.
1 2 3 4
Customers always make your ulcer sore.
1 2 3 4
Customers dislike hearing no.
1 2 3 4
Customers are never ever sure.
5 6 7 8
Customers always pay less.
6 7 8 9
Customer you are darling mine.
7 8 9 10
Please come back, I miss you dame.

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The Rape Of Mumbai

The rape of Mumbai:

A city of dreams. Dreams of men. Men and only men.
A diva that rocks, a diva that rolls, a diva that regales in men.
Like droves they come, wanting a piece of her, coy to the core she is.
Drives them to their silly deaths, and laughs, you are not the one for me.

That is what I thought when I came to her as a bee.
To ride or to be ridden is a matter of choice, to ride is a better one.

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