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Here I go. I love humour, I love fun, I love wit, I love girls....oops. Haris Rehman Rigoo was Born in Srinagar, Kashmir in 1991, (Srinagar.ogg (help·info) is the summer capital of the Indian administered state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated in the Kashmir Valley and lies on the banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus.[3] The city is famous for its gardens, lakes and houseboats. It is also known for traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits. I was born and brought up in a middle class family which included my mother, father, and my elder sister and lil bro. I have very fond memories of us cousins playing in our backyard, going to parks and enjoying life in general.
I started my schooling from Tyndale Biscoe School. It is an 'All-Boys School' in Jammu and Kashmir, India, in the heart of the summer capital Srinagar.[1] The school was founded in 1880 CE and is the oldest school in Srinagar. when I was 3 years old and finished it at 6 years old. In the kindergarten, I had very good times. There i made my first good friends in all my life, and I remember them for the games that we played together. The happiest time in my life was my childhood, because my parents love me very much. They are very patient with their children. They never beat me, even when they were angry. My father patiently escorted and picked me up every school day. I was a tearful kid at that time. Once, my mother found me crying, because my friends had teased me. She rushed to comfort me with candy or chocolate. I always miss that.
Later, I started elementary when I was 6 years old. I remember school very well, because at first I was so scared of the boys. They were bigger than I was. Also, I didn't know how to talk with them about soccer, their favorite topic. However, I made friends there and I liked to study, do my homework, play with my friends, and talk with them about cartoons on television. In fact, I really enjoyed this time in my childhood. I finished elementary when I was 12 years old. I was ready to go to senior dept to learn new things and make new friends there. I have a very happy memory of my childhood and always reminisce it with nostalgia. My childhood memories have molded me into the person I am today. There are many different childhood memories that I can remember that really made an impact on how my personality is today. I never thought that these events would have any effect in shaping my personality now because they happened so long ago, but I can see that it has. Some of memories make me happy, but others makes me grow up. I discovered that life can be choices by myself.
After elementary, I went to junior senior dept. It was bigger and had more students than elementary dept. There I had more teachers than I had before. My new teachers were very friendly and some of them were shy, especially the madams. In junior high, my favorite classes were math and science. On the other hand, I didn't like urdu. As a result of that, I had to study this more to have good grades. Otherwise, I was not going to have vacations or enjoy future vacations. I could reach my goal by studying hard and not going out with my friends too much.
When I was studying in senior dept, I went to all the activities there. In particular, I liked most the camping and games activities, because I could spend more time with my friends. I really like to remember these moments from senior dept because I still have friends from my high school days. In other words, we are very good friends. I remember these happy moments with them and we laugh about it. It was during that time that I started to take intrest in girls with different eyes, because before they were only friends. Later, I liked them very much. I remember one of them in particular; she was a good friend. Her name was unknown. she was shoter than me, with black hair, white skin, and gray eyes. she was so cute and sweet with me, but my pals didn't like her, so I didn't talk with her so much. At first I felt bad, but later I got to know more guys. I enjoyed high school not only for my friends, but also because I learned many things there and the teachers were very good people. My experiences in high school are memorable moments for me. I made trips to parks, and important places of my country. My friends and I enjoyed these moments because we told jokes, played, told stories, and went to parties at my friends' houses. I won't forget these moments. When I remember these moments, I want to come back to the past to live it again. My friends and I were sad when the school year finished, because some of us were going to different universities. On the other hand, we were happy for our progress and our new, important steps in our lives.
During my pinky frilly days, I was the goon in school, and a good one at that. I bullied my school mates who picked on nice kids like me...As cool as we considered ourselves to be, in reality my friends & I were actually the dorky geeks of the school. My pals & I were un cool and shunned by the so called “cooler people”...“cooler people”...On the contrary, the teachers loved geeks like me. We had the best grades, the simplest hairstyles & we were the naughty children. But I was also good at sports. Sports were given a lot of importance in our school and sportsmen in my school were like the quarterbacks in Hollywood teen movies. They were the idols. My spectacles never came between me and my star status. Until I fell in love....If you were to ask me about the whole deal now, I would call it silly....But then, I never felt silly. It was a serious and dramatic chapter for me in my life.
I finished high school and had to go to high school when I was 16 years old. I was not really excited, because I was afraid of the new experiences there, and I knew I was going to have my friends there because we joined the same school. In fact, I was going to have more responsibility in higher secondary school. However, when I started high school, things were better than I thought. I remember I came and I went with my older czn, because he was my senior in high school. We were together all the time. Some students came up to us and we began to talk with them. At that moment, I made new friends and we talked about our experiences at junior high. At this time, I was changed a little. I always went out with my friends rode our motorcycles. I was almost never at home. Because of this, my grades dropped. My father was so angry, that he sold my motorcycle. My parents figured out my problem. As a result, they sent me to another tutuion. They thought to separate me from my friends. I finished my higher secondary at Tyndale Biscoe school. I got my good grades back, because I rarely went out from my apartment. I always studied in my room and concentrated. After passing my 12th class. I continued my education and this time around I got selected in Information Technology, because I dreamed of becoming a successful manager someday. I hold my Degree of Bachelor in Information Technology from University of kashmir. I enjoyed every second spend during my engineering in I.T and learn a lot from various up and down, success and failures. I have learn to face various kind of pressures during my exams, my projects, and during various other college activities. I am also learning during this crucial placement time too. I am very famous among my friends due to my jolly and humorous nature. I am always a very sincere boy for my teachers.. currently aiming to persue my masters degree in IT in the near future. now i am completely a different man
I would like to describe myself as a very straight forward person who likes to take things in his stride in a very level headed manner.Life is quite exciting to me as it has galores of opportunities and experiences to offer and i feel one should always make the right use of it. I am adventurous by nature for I like to take up new challenges. It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence.One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment, in which ever form it may be.Therefore I'm never tired of beginning where others end.
what more to say about myself now. Ok... here it goes...no laughing! !
I am definitely an extrovert... I try to get along with everyone. I'm happy go lucky, loud and at time obnoixous. I'm always trying to make people laugh..or at least smile. Mainly because that keeps me smiling... when I'm depressed... I'm very depressed..not a good thing! ! I am kind and generous, caring and honest but if you cross me..I'm a nasty b*tch. If your my friend, you've got a friend forever...but if you blow my trust... I will never trust you again! ! (what is a word for that? ?) I am impulsive and spontaneous...not always m a good thing since it gets me in trouble a lot. I tend to open my mouth and speak my mind if I feel I'm right... but it sometimes I'm wrong and feel awful when I am...cause I usually hurt someone's feeling in the process...But I always apologize... mainly because the guilt kills me. I am very brave. Being a police officer and a Army Vet who served overseas...I consider myself very couragous. Inteliginte? ? Not.. I feel I'm average... far below you all... but I love to learn..so this site interest me. I self-analyze all the time... but I try to learn from my mistakes and self improve. I'm an old-fashion, country girl...who is not materialistic... Hate those who are... I believe in helping others and doing my best for the world. I'm definitely NOT perfect! ! I can be vey short tempered! ! Hmmm what else? ? I am 21, in pretty good shape besides my baby belly which is slowly going away... I use to be in excellent athletic shape and could out beat most people.. and was very proud of this.. cause I worked hard to be that way! ! I've been told I'm handsome.. a tom cruise look alike...hehehe... I want to add this.... I hate sarcasm and if you don't add a 'lol or a smiley face to a comment... I might take it personally... I'm kinda thick headed and stupid that way...
don't know why, but people consider me as a boy loaded with attitude.. sophisticasy is a turn on for me. infact anything, its a food to me. i like reunions with frends. i m shopoholic.. Life taught me so much! and being a mixture of naturalist, idea list, pragmatist, existentialist, socalist.. i find its good to be optemist... As m a bruisd soul, i stil love the world i live in, maybe u'l find me strange, but i know mi fertile mind is dealin' with sterility of life...
Anyways, u knw i like the child in me, and a grown mature man...duality, and same is the case with others; No, I don't like others judging me. Does anybody?

Now, coming to my hobbies.

Art! Painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, decorating my house.

Nature! If I can't take a run out in the woods and see my little deer and animal friends every day (I bring them apples for treats) , well then my soul just dies. I love camping (rustic) , hiking, canoeing, bonfires...

Reading/Writing! I subscribe to poetry mags and even send in stuff that is promptly rejected LOL. I love books, bookstores, libraries. I love to learn. Right now I'm absorbing everyhting I can about politics.

and, of course... Travel!

I happy to about my strength.:

Quick learner.

Excellent communication skills.

Perseverance skills (convincing skills) .

Hard working, determined.

Analytic skills.

A good motivator.


Team player.

Excellent presentation skills.

And my weakness are:

*I am a workaholic. I forget about my personal needs and time when I am working.

*I have extreme analytic skills. I like to weigh both the positive and negative sides of everything before I come to a definite conclusion. This sometimes delays the decision process.

*I am a people's person. I like to take my group along with me mentally. I would want friendliness and harmony in my group and goes to lengths to achieve this for my team members.

*I want everything to be perfect. I think I am a perfectionist which poses a problem as I am not satisfied easily with the final product.

*I am particular about meeting deadlines. Delayed work definitely makes me upset.

And finally my Goal is want to create special Identity at my self in this world.

Adjectives for me can include kind, gentle, cool, composed, reasonable, logical, intelligent (above average) , polite.
I am not a self-initiator most of the times, but I am responsible and honest. I am dependable, have patience, love to share (not my underwear of course) , and organized.
I seldom get worried or tense over matters. May be because I use a menthol shampoo. A cool head.

Although I can share with my loved ones, I normally donot share my problems. I keep them to myself.

These traits go with me in professional as well as personal life.

All in all, I don't really give a fuck about the world, while at the same time caring about everything.

PS: The responses to the thread could be the 'ABOUT ME' in our profiles. Well, who really gives a shit, anyways...Thank you for reading!

Personal Quotes

I'm crazy, I'm nuts. Just the way my brain works. I'm not normal. I think differently. My mind is always racing.

I want to be a young dad. By 25 or 26 I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family.

Haris Rigoo's Works:

1. I just want one more day with you by (Haris Rehman Rigoo)

2. Haris and zeu: secret love at shaddy pines by (Haris Rehman Rigoo)

3. Life's Little Treasure Book on Love by (Haris Rehman Rigoo)

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**ashes Of Memory**

the papers were burning.. just like
the desires of my heart.. and the
fire was reflecting in my eyes, as i
saw flames consuming our names
written together in her
I Still remember the day she told
me.. 'pata hai baby, exam to
maine 2 hours me hi kar liya tha,

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