Harley White

Harley White Poems

81. Solecism 8/18/2011
82. Solivagant Song 10/17/2011
83. Star Light, Star Bright 5/6/2014
84. Star-Crossed 11/25/2014
85. Starry Sonnet 4/5/2016
86. Stellar Fireball 11/5/2014
87. Sub Rosa 8/21/2011
88. Summer Solstice 5/31/2015
89. Sweven 9/5/2014
90. The Colder The Winter The Warmer The Spring 2/5/2014
91. The Cuckoo That Couldn't 8/20/2011
92. The Gravity Of Gravity 8/18/2011
93. The Massacre 10/17/2011
94. The Sea And I 4/13/2013
95. To Music 10/17/2011
96. Topknot Pearl 11/30/2015
97. Tripping The Light Fantastic 4/13/2016
98. Troll Song 3/10/2012
99. Tycho Remnant Tickles The Fancy 5/23/2016
100. Unless 10/1/2011
101. Vagrant Child 11/13/2015
102. Water, Water 10/23/2014
103. Whirligig 5/9/2014
104. Willed Words 3/18/2016
105. Within The Dream 10/20/2016
106. You And I 5/7/2013
107. Youth Is Wasted On The Young 6/19/2015
108. Yuletide Double Dactyl 12/25/2014
Best Poem of Harley White


Once upon a time I dreamed
I dreamed there was a once upon a time
I dreamed with the mind that dreams
I dreamed in the darkness of dreams
I dreamed the delusion of dreams
I dreamed I was asleep and dreaming
I dreamed a dream in the depths of a dream

Once upon a time I dreamed
I dreamed a dream within a dream
I dreamed a dream dreaming a dream
I dreamed and was lost in a dream
I dreamed a dream in a dream
of the sorrows of birth and death
I dreamed a breath outgoing
had no dream of an incoming breath

Throughout my giddy-paced time
I ...

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M-Theory Musings

What theory unifies forces, weak, strong,
With gravity— also, to which belong
All the string theories of why and because?
To answer these queries, M-theory does.

Proponents aver it offers clarity
As to the issue of singularity.—
Where there's a will there's a way,
So they say...

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