Harold Begbie

(1871-1929 / Great Britain)

Biography of Harold Begbie

Edward Harold Begbie (1871–1929), also known as Harold Begbie, was an English author and journalist who published nearly 50 books and poems and contributed to periodicals. Besides studies of the Christian religion, Begbie wrote numerous other books, including political satire, comedy, fiction, science fiction, plays and poetry.

Harold Begbie's Works:

* The Political Struwwelpeter, 1899
* The Story of Baden-Powell: 'The Wolf That Never Sleeps', 1900
* Bundy in the Greenwood, 1902
* Clara in Blunderland, 1902 (New edition 2010, ISBN 978-1-904808-49-7)
* Lost in Blunderland, 1903 (New edition 2010, ISBN 978-1-904808-50-3)
* The life of William Booth, the Founder of the Salvation Army, 1920
* The Bed-Book of Happiness, 1914
* The Mirrors of Downing Street: Some Political Reflections by a Gentleman with a Duster, 1921
* Painted Windows: Studies in Religious Personality, 1922

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'What will you lack, sonny, what will you lack,
When the girls line up the street
Shouting their love to the lads to come back
From the foe they rushed to beat?
Will you send a strangled cheer to the sky
And grin till your cheeks are red?
But what will you lack when your mate goes by
With a girl who cuts you dead?

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