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Jaime Lee 18 July 2017

I Know the Place... Gives hope. ?

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Christelle S 16 October 2005

I have always adored the work of playwright Mr. Harold Pinter, the Arthur Miller of the United Kingdom. CONGRATUALTIONS on winning the Nobel Prize in Literature to this highly talented British and Jewish artist.

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Nagamuthu Osho 14 October 2005

Respected Nobel Laureate, I am indeed delighted and felt gratitude to greet the Great Savant, Nobel Laureate for Literature 2005. The great feat of Noble Laureate already imbibes as multifarious Poet, Stage producer, Screenwriter, indulges in peace, is also well known for his strong opposition to the war in Iraq. It is the rare and pure joy for which all Noble Soul are greeted and granted, bestowed with immaculate worth of eternal Glory. The rare Soul shares, showers the unfathomed, unfettered of ken towards the transient World, who harness the hospice of holy harmony to harbor on Earth. God Bless you, Thanking You, Yours cordially, N.Karthikeyan Osho

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