Harrison Williams

Biography of Harrison Williams

In high school I was the quiet kid that not many people noticed in the back of the classroom and in life that's where I like to be. I don't like to be in the spotlight performing, I would be more content in the audience watching.
I've had a lot of loss in my life (family, pets, friends) . I love dogs and I prefer them over people. (I'm not a people person) . The things I write don't happen in my life, they are usually observations of others.
When it comes to writing if I just sit down and try to write not much happens, but when I'm in the middle of work or about to go to bed I get a lot of ideas for poems, shorty stories, and books. I do wish to publish a couple of books in the future, I just have to finish one first.

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We Wish

Death is like a nightmare
We wish the frightful dream
Would stop reoccurring
We wish that the memory
Of the dream would stop haunting us
We wish we could forget
About this awful night terror
We wish we could go back
And tell God we chose eternal life

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