Harvey Waters

Harvey Waters Quotes

  • ''Like the flowers who grew out of
    your stolen matter,
    I'm just a friendly reminder of the past,
    one who remembers you and laughs
    at memories we'll never share again
    until we mingle 'neath the dirt.''
    Speak the Word, by M.T. Donovan
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  • ''Ashes rise from fires they light
    as the world finds itself
    in its midnight hours;
    dusty flowers, those blackened clothes,
    brush the air like gentle coughs
    of pleasant speech.''
    Reading Water, by M.T. Donovan

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My Promise, Unkept

Do you remember the fifth of November,
How it smiled and burnt out by noon?
How the children laughed as all midnight collapsed
On a perfect evening, too soon?
Or how cars and trains, struck quickly by rains,
Fell silent neath' light of the moon?
Perhaps nothing's so clear in your memory, my dear,
As the kiss I shared happily with you.
And if nothing's remembered the fifth of November,

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