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  • Jeff Sullivan (12/21/2016 7:45:00 AM)

    Really like what you have written here. Over the past four years you were able to take your writing and continue progressing by publishing two poetry collections, 'To be Young, African and Gifted' and 'To Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below' - which is just as intriguing and thought-provoking. I also had pleasure in reading your blog posts on Wordpress (https: //hasanadan.wordpress.com/) , I knew about this blog before I found out your works on poemhunter, so was really interesting to see your past and present works. which are both timeless and remarkable. Keep it up!

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Battle Of Mind&Soul

My mind is shrouded in doubt
as i ponder and wonder what fate has for me
my only aim was to make money and earn a name
but the music and movies lied, society switched and turned
things went from Boom to Bust and left the youth stuck
wondering how it was going to make a buck when jobs are being fought over with fists and clubs
My mind and heart is in a constant war
my mind preaches that i need to strive for a better life
reading and writing is good but it doesn't bring the bread home

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