Hasmukh Amathalal

Gold Star - 464,305 Points (17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

Hasmukh Amathalal Poems

761. From Thousand Of Miles 3/17/2011
762. Not Forgotten 3/17/2011
763. Doom For Relation 3/18/2011
764. Tsunami And After 3/18/2011
765. Distinct From Others 3/18/2011
766. Shy And Shame 3/18/2011
767. It Will Tell 3/19/2011
768. I Am Blind 3/5/2011
769. Miles Away 3/5/2011
770. Live Without Him 3/5/2011
771. Ordinary Man 3/6/2011
772. Like Infant 3/6/2011
773. Only To Be Blamed 3/6/2011
774. Modern And Educated World 3/6/2011
775. Difficult To Forget 3/6/2011
776. Different Tratment 3/6/2011
777. Her Mind 3/6/2011
778. Lost And Forgotten 3/7/2011
779. Should Not Happen 3/7/2011
780. Lost In Crowd 3/19/2011
781. Claim On High Note 3/20/2011
782. Life Is Perfect 3/20/2011
783. A Lovely And Beautiful Song 3/20/2011
784. Choose The Right 3/21/2011
785. We Always Pray 3/21/2011
786. Own Perception 3/22/2011
787. In The Field 3/22/2011
788. Destined To Be 3/22/2011
789. No Longer Carry 3/23/2011
790. Difficult To Contain 3/23/2011
791. Chance To Rise 3/23/2011
792. Take Her Over 3/23/2011
793. Liz No More 3/23/2011
794. Best And Fine Qualities 3/24/2011
795. Dreamy Mind 3/24/2011
796. Believe The Eyes 3/24/2011
797. Without Interruptions 3/24/2011
798. Work Hard 3/25/2011
799. God And Master 3/29/2011
800. In Positive Manner 3/29/2011

Comments about Hasmukh Amathalal

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (8/9/2015 7:39:00 PM)

    Steven Jacobson I would like to share poetry with yours and be friends.

    Eternal Fountain
    Making fool

    The time translates and transcribes
    its etching on the world. the
    world forever endeared to time
    but missing the mark of ever being
    in the moment. Nature continues
    to outshine the world in both
    effervescent and existential manor.
    whether spring, summer, fall or winter
    nature portrays both an intoxicating
    and intrinsic flavor and festive
    flowing of life. the bubbling and
    birth, a fountain, pure delight
    and perfect demeanor cascading,
    glowing and growing, extravaganza.
    the Spirit in rapture with spirit
    creating an abode, an eternal sanctuary
    filled with grace and glory.

    © 2015 Steven Jacobson
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    Hasmukh Mehta oh so beautiful
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (8/7/2015 8:04:00 PM)

    Wonderful job, Hasmukh ji. The world of poesy needs you to write more. Keep going and enlighten all. Thank you very much.

    Seshu Chamarty, Hyderabad
    07 Aug,2015

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (8/7/2015 8:02:00 PM)

    Rajnish Manga (Faridabad India; Male; 64)
    Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal
    Date Time:
    8/7/2015 12: 57: 00 PM (GMT -6: 00)
    Namaskar Sir!
    I feel highly obliged by your wonderful words of appreciation in your unique poetic style. This is indeed an encouragement to me. Thank you very much.

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (8/4/2015 9:07:00 AM)

    With full blossom

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    Hannira Richerr Oh Flower my flower... when u grow on the rever... that makes me warmer.. nd i cant believed, that u r charmer... oh Lover my Lover.. u come nd go, to be closer.... i cant believed that u a here... makes me feel life, together... thanx Hasmukh Mehta.. i love ur poem.. nd u r a great poemer smile emoticon heart emoticon
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (8/4/2015 1:06:00 AM)

    Theholy place exists

    Shirley Macclean A woman's world

    Many come
    many go
    some come slow
    others like wind blow
    you know

    the world is made up of all
    quick ones and slow
    mostly with big ego
    after women folk they go

    damn the poetry
    let it flow
    she has the wings
    heaven knows
    a butter flies show
    here, into the flames
    she vanishes
    many a lover
    all she banishes

    'tis the woman's world
    she all reins does hold!

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (7/27/2015 7:14:00 PM)

    The star is no more

    Very respectful honor given. You have words of pure admiration.
    7 minutes ago by Den Charzelle | Reply

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (7/22/2015 7:00:00 PM)

    If I ask................

    Date & Time: 7/22/2015 8: 49: 00 AM
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    Poem: 42781244 - If I Ask
    Member: Kinyua Karanja
    Comment: I'm surprised how words can be used with ease to form something so sweet to read like this. this great.

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (7/19/2015 1:12:00 AM)

    Violate or tease...

    Shirley Macclean ur views r also GREAT GR8888 at any @...
    17 mins · Like

    Shirley Macclean TO SIR WITH LOVE!

    You are a great poet
    now I can see
    their lies inner beauty
    in thee
    some what
    like it does
    a minuscule few
    not many


    compose and read more poetry
    for universally free
    like me
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (7/15/2015 11:05:00 PM)

    Miserably fail

    You always write so well hasmukh! Thank you for sharing this! : D
    2 hours ago by Sean Scribbles | Reply

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (7/15/2015 12:15:00 AM)

    I have no words...

    Dr Prerna Singla A beautiful n deep write.. in the simplest of qords you express deep meanings in life.. lovely write Hasmukh Mehta ji.
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Best Poem of Hasmukh Amathalal

Miss ', I Really Miss (101) /500 ###

I was stepping in to become young
I thought it is nice journey but too long
I am afraid and take care not to go wrong
I was expecting everything for song

I am so much influenced by lady smile
She has entered in life just before while'
Life seems to be so interesting and fine
I want to dance on floor with glass of wine

Miss, you can't be so rude
For a word you have made prelude,
All warmth and affection you have included
Hate and distance you have excluded

I never expected you to cast
All doubts but trust should not last
You were the ...

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God, Bless Only Those

I pray the God to shower bless
Who commit more sins and not less
Who are most wanted and dreaded
professional killer and guilty but not pleaded
God only bless those…….

I am feeble and also very weak,
Future not bright and look very bleak
I pledge and vow not to kill

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