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Biography of HASNAIN AAQIB


Nature is very generous to man.
To the men who respect her.
Nature speaks to us through hundreds of its mediums.
Nature means life…..
And life has two basic dimensions:
Pessimism, and, Optimism.
Pessimism leads to darkness.
And optimism leads to light, to life.
When an infant opens its eyes soon after the birth, the very first element that it confronts and experiences, is the same light, and this light is life. So the light is life, and life is optimism.
I was born on eighth July 1971 in Akola. I don’t know what was so special about my birth except that I was the first offspring of the generation in the family. But it was the part of my fate to be born and there I was in flesh and blood. I had no fundamental right to refuse to be the guest of this mortal world. Middle class is the tag that could be given to the social status of my family. Those were the days when the desires had complete knowledge of their limitations and resources. I was brought up in an orthodox and conservative social set up. But the margin of approach to life was not narrow.
My father took all the pains to see me well educated. He had a very firm opinion about education and philosophy.

He believed that education should be for enlightenment and not for employment. For him, getting employment anywhere meant losing personal freedom. When I was preparing to cross the threshold of the first decade of my physical age, the prosperity was preparing to bid adieu to my father.
So the maximum part of my conscious life I spent in playing ‘hide-and-seed’ with life. Life is my friend. In fact, the best friend…
Because life has taught me the things that nothing and nobody could have taught.
Life has given me the gems of experiences.
And the same experiences are my asset, today.
Somehow, I completed my graduation in the summer of 1993. Chronologically I was late by two years in completing my graduation. But later is better than never. The reasons are far beyond description. Then I obtained B.Ed degree.
Those were the days of my naïve and novice manhood: full of physical, ideological and mental activism. Finally, after getting married, I came to Pusad and joined Ghulam Nabi Azad Urdu D. Ed college in the last months of 1999, in the capacity of teacher educator.
As far as my creative journey is concerned, I may have a lot to say about but the topic will need a separate book for this. I would like to be brief. Urdu is my mother tongue but when my teachers in high school and junior college would praise me for my good English, I would fail to understand as what was so good about my English. As compared to English medium students, I had the benefits of having Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and Persian in my kitty. My grandfather, late Meerbaz Khan Sahab had ignited the flame of liking for Persian in me, when I was just a middle-school-student.
I started writing poetry in Urdu. But very soon, due to the lack of guidance, the expected discouragement on the part of my family and the way the senior local poets dissuaded me, I had to keep my Urdu poetry confined in my personal diary. It will be unjust if I don’t confess that even I didn’t have the knowledge of prosody and metre of Urdu poetry. It was then that I took refuge in English poetry. I started writing poetry in English when I was an undergraduate. It was a revelation for me that I was destined to write poetry in English. As a result of my determination and fondness for English poetry, I succeeded in compiling the first collection of my English poems, FLISHT OF A WINGLESS BIRD in 1999. When I sent the manuscript of the book to Minerva Press, London, the editorial evaluation confirmed my poetic prowess.
In the words of Marks Sykes, editor in chief of Minerva Press, London, “From musing on the nature of things to odes to his esteemed teachers and paeans to the almighty God, Hasnain Khan covers a plethora of topics. Remaining faithful to the rules of prosody and metres, he writes timeless verses that will remain in tune with the ever-evolving nature of poesy.”
I have been writing English poetry since about last two decades. Even today, I write poetry, prose, essays, criticism
and research papers in Urdu, English, Hindi and Persian. Today, I am quite content and satisfied with whatever I have and wherever I am. I have been writing poetry in English for more than two decades and I have tried to focus my poetry on the issues of human concerns, be they of political, social or cultural nature. After all, poetry is not a medium of fame. I believe in POETRY FOR LIFE and not in POETRY FOR THE SAKE OF POETRY. Whatever we have and whatever we do, that must have grave concern with the human life and all of its prospects. This is also the aim of my life and so is of my poetry. Poetry is not to be just enjoyed, it is to be felt in the depth of one's heart and soul. Just go ahead and read my poems and yes, please, don't hesitate to comment and review them


RAM-E-AAHOO, the first collection of Urdu ghazals was published in April 2013 and to the surprise of most, the first edition was finished within three months from the date of its release.
KHAMA SAJDAA REZ, the second book in Urdu and the first collection of HAM-O-NAATH (HYMNS AND PROPHIEMS) has just been published in 2013 itself.
FLIGHT OF WINGLESS BIRD, the first collection of English poems was published in limited number in 2001 and this edition was over within a month of its publication. The second edition with many additions and changes, with the same title is about to get published.
Many of his publishing projects are yet to get published soon.

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Synthetic Relations

Maximum relations are natural, whatsoever
Father, mother, sister, cousin or even brother.
Some are blood relations, some are not
Some we are born with, some are our lot.
Although all relations are not equal
Some are quite smart, some may be dull.
But yes, of course, yes, of course
Some relations are kept behind the doors.
Wives keep their in-laws

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