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31. She Is Innocent (Virgin Curse) 7/26/2013
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  • Hasnain Aaqib Hasnain Aaqib (3/21/2013 1:13:00 PM)

    I hope my dear poet pals would not hesitate to comment on my poetry. I feel sorry for being absent from the site for a very long period. Now, I am back and will continue on poemhunter. thanks.

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She Is Innocent (Virgin Curse)

She Is Innocent (Virgin Curse)

Behold that tiny girl, the age your sister or daughter

Her childhood makes no claim, she is a broken frame.

Time whisked away from her face the sacred laughter

For cruel eyes spotted her for an ugly game

a painful memory, the fact worst of its kind.

Her picture, I am sure, I can't portray

Corporal bruises and spots in heart aren't enough,

To reveal her feelings as she was an easy prey

And she fell in vicious hands like a dove,

Losing her blue virginity unlawfully signed.


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Synthetic Relations

Maximum relations are natural, whatsoever
Father, mother, sister, cousin or even brother.
Some are blood relations, some are not
Some we are born with, some are our lot.
Although all relations are not equal
Some are quite smart, some may be dull.
But yes, of course, yes, of course
Some relations are kept behind the doors.
Wives keep their in-laws

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